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Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | DRIVEWAY WITH VIEW OF APARTMENT BUILDING Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | CONSERVATORY AND INDOOR SWIMMING POOL Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | RIDING HALL WITH STABLES, OUTSIDE COURT WITH SAND,VIEW OF PR Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR ARENA Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | STABLES WITH HEATED DRINKING TROUGHS Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | APARTMENT BUILDING AND ADMINISTRATION OR PRACTICE BUILDING Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | VIEW INTO THE GARDEN Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | CELEBRATE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY IN THE CONSERVATORY Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | PARKLIKE GARDEN Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | COMFORTABLE OPEN FIRE IN THE CONSERVATORY AND APARTMENT ... Bauernhof / Farm Versmold zu kaufen Deutschland | QR-CODE VAST ESTATE (3,9 HA) NEAR ...
Bauernhof / Farm zu kaufen
1.650.000,00 EUR
DE-33775 Versmold, Loxten
Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW), Deutschland

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Grundstück:  39.061 m²   
1.650.000,00 EUR 
Provision vom Käufer/Mieter:  3.57 %  
Heizung: Gas   
Baujahr:  1970   
Nutzfläche  m² 
The vast estate has an exclusively furnished apartment building with conservatory and is situated in the quiet countryside.
Apart from the apartment building there is a commercial property with a practice building, indoor arena (15 m x 30 m) and stables, land for building, fields with a fishing and swimming pond; the latter with a little island in the middle.
Also there is an outdoor space with a total area of 40 m x 80 m directly on the farm with ‘Kirchellener’ sand.
The estate is situated in Versmold-Loxten and includes 3,9 hectares (plus 4,3 hectares rented land for the therapy center). The rich clay soil allows for 10 horses to be fed from own grass and hay.
A John Deere tractor for maintenance work of the arenas and haymaking belongs to the estate. 
Region: Loxten
Versmold is a wealthy industrial and dormitory town with about 22.000 inhabitants. All types of schools and well developed sports facilities are available in town. The North Rhine-Westfalian county stud and the famous equestrian training centre DOKR in War-endorf are only 15 minutes away by country roads.
It is situated south of the Teutoburger forest, at the boarder between the Münsterland and East Westfalia. It is very close to junction 15 (Borgholzhausen) of the A33. The town is agriculturally and industrially affected and the whole area is famous for its numerous riding and training stables. Surrounding cities such as Gütersloh/Bielefeld and Mün-ster/Osnabrück are easily reachable within 30 minutes via the main roads B68 and B476. Public transport connects Versmold with the adjoining municipalities with busses and trains.
The estate has the following usable areas:
Apartment building 420 m²
- Ground floor: gallery like living room, conservatory, 1 bath with whirl pool, 1 bed room
- First floor: big gallery, generous bedroom with a big walk-in wardrobe, very exclusive bath room and 2 other smaller rooms

Practice building 280 m²
-A 120 m² flat above the therapy room and indoor swimming pool can be rede-veloped
-can also be used as an office, apartment or guest house
-The building was used for a therapy centre for children

Indoor arena with 15 m x 30 m = 450 m²
- directly connection with the partly heated stables
- generous saddle chamber 3 m x 8 m = 24 m²
- including 1 kitchen, 1 heated bath / WC + washing machine connection
- 363 m² includes 5 stables, with an 3 m x 4 m ground area, 4 stables have a di-rect access to the paddock with 275 m² with 2 outside stables
- 300 m² space for hay in the first floor
- 4 big stables ( 2.6 m x 5.6 m) are separated from all other stables
- 3 garages

The beautiful large outdoor arena 40m x 80m is available with water and electricity supply and it is one if the biggest and most beautiful private outdoor arenas within a radius of Warendorf. There are several large separated pastures with heated soaking, sheds and fixed routes.
The property is suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs or managers who want to train or breed their own horses at the residence. The necessary space for a second large indoor school is available, however the planning permission will have to be applied for. The respective concept will be important for the final decision. Some employees of the building authorities had their children with our therapy centre previously. The roofs of the apartment and practice building will have to be renovated according to any development planned during the next few years. Also the underfloor heating of the indoor swimming pool and the ground floor in the apartment building will need to be refurbished. 
Heizung: 140 kWh/(m²*a)
Baujahr: 1970 (Energieausweis)
Ausstellungsdatum: 2014-05-12
Primärenergie: Gas
Energiepass: Verbrauch
Gültig bis: 2024-05-11
Verbrauchskennwert: 140 kWh/(m²*a) 
epass-label reedb.com
Energy Pass: type-consumption. energy consumption: 140kWh/(m² a) valid till 11.05.24

Land pasture
- The adjoining total area includes a 2.745 m² commercial property with further building possible
- another land parcel of 2.260 m² as residential estate
- a large field with 2 ponds, a big shed of 25.574 m², a 0,8 hectares large field and a 3.200 m² outdoor arena.
- Opposite the indoor school is a 12.000 m² field for haymaking
- a 31.400 m² parklike forest with bridleways

In case of success, the buyer pays a proportionate buyers commission to the real estate agent amounting to 3.57 per cent including 19 per cent VAT. The commission is calculated based on the notarized purchase price. The commission is due and pay-able on the date of the deed. All information is provided to the best of the agents knowledge. The offer is subject to error and prior sale. The real estate agent cannot be held liable for errors or writing mistakes. This exposé is a pre-information, the nota-rized purchase agreement only can be regarded as general legal basis.

By appointment, we kindly are at your disposal for a detailed consultation or for viewing the property even at weekends. You may reach our office by the phone number: 0049-2151-3269966.
Competent consultation also with regard to financing is part of our business. We will be pleased to assist you in sourcing the required financial means for the purchase of your property at best possible conditions. In order to be able to process your request, we kindly ask for your understanding that any further property information will only be sub-mitted if your address and telephone number are indicated in the request. With regard to the property, please be informed that all object data originate from the owner, so we are not in the position to overtake any liability for their correctness. This is especially true for information referring to areas and volumes, rentals and further value-determining infor-mation. Appl-Immobilien did not verify those data. We rely on the details obtained from vendors, landlords, lessors, building owners, developers, and authorities. No liability can be assumed for the correctness and completeness of this information. Furthermore, we cannot grant any warranty for the properties. Our general business terms and conditions apply. The stated brokerage fee is deserved and payable by the purchaser on the date of the notarial certification.

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